Christmas and New Year

SEASON OF LOVE, GIVING, SHARING……the holiday of all the holiday’s, Christmas and new year! A season were everybody is expecting to received gifts from their love one… especially the kids…..

But what is really the essence of Christmas and new year!?

Christmas, is the day wherein our Lord Jesus Christ is born. People are celebrating it every 25ft day of December… others go shopping to buy presents for their love ones, friends, grandchildren, etc… others are going to church for 9 mornings, make a wish, complete 9 mornings and mass at the evening of Dec 24th, and wish granted… me its true, wishes do come true…..In this holiday, people are preparing foods for “noche buena”, wherein family are eating together, sharing foods they prepared and then inviting friends to come and eat..

New year, is the day wherein the present year ends and another year coming. People are making new year’s resolutions, to be a better person and not to do the bad things they committed, and other making resolutions to eat less and loss weight.. Sound funny, but that’s the traditions mostly Catholics does.

Having said that, today i am decorating our Christmas tree.. time passes so fast, cant believed that another year is about to end. Seems like i have just putting those decorations in the box, now i am decorating it again….

Before, during these holidays i am sad, feels like i want to cry… others are happy waiting for these holidays to come….not for me. I have these feeling that i missed someone and i don’t know who. Maybe i missed my mother, and someone who is special to me who promised to come visit me at Christmas… Now i have found someone, sadness is gone, happiness is here, no more emptiness feeling inside….am going to celebrate Christmas and new year with happy face…very happy face…

Happy holidays everyone! God bless us all!

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