So called "friday the 13th….."

November 13, 2009………..Friday the 13th……

I woke up this morning looking to the calendar and found out its Friday the 13th….the so called bad luck date….as they say, during this day people should take extra careful in everything that they do, because bad luck is around the corner if its Friday the 13th..

When i was in my teen years, i have heard that Friday the 13th is not a good day to go out and have fun because bad luck is everywhere… though i am a little confused, because others are saying its just a superstitious belief…if God is on your side nothing will happen to you. But prevention is better than cure and there is nothing wrong in believing, so during this day i prefer to stay at home.

Now, I’ve been thinking who discovered this Friday the 13th thing? why 13? why not other dates besides 13? Even in hotels i have noticed there is no 13th floor?? is it true that 13 is a bad luck date in the calendar especially if it falls on Friday?? Lots of questions that remains unanswered. Whoever is responsible for this, hopefully people will find an answer why 13?

Anyways, if bad luck is about to embrace you it happens whether u like it or not….it so happened that mostly bad luck falls on Friday the 13….. the best way to do during this day is pray and asked for God’s guidance and blessings in everything that u do….in God nothing is impossible….so, keep praying and believing in Him…..God bless everyone…

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