My mother's 21st death anniversary….

Woke up this morning when my mobile alarmed telling that it’s mothers death anniversary..
Never realize that its her 21st death anniversary….seems like it was yesterday to me….

My mother died when i was 9 years old……never know what would happen to us without a mother to look up to…good thing is we get more closer to each other…my brothers and sister…
although makes me sad, i was not able to have playtime with my friends because of our situation…

Looking back now, i am proud of myself because of what happen to my mother i became more responsible child…was able to learned early doing household things… while in high school, my father give me a tasked to budget everything needed in the house….he gave to me and my older sister his salary to budget it.

This morning we went to her grave, give some flowers for her, light candles and offer her a prayer….thanking her for the life she gave to us..i know that she left us early, but always felt her presence in our heart…even telling her that Lyn( my sister) is getting married…wish she will be there to walk with father bring Lyn to the altar….even if it is very long time, feels so sad that mother left us early…hoped that she is there watching us grow and able to see what we are now today….even i was very young when she got sick (very sick), i still remember how she is as a mother to us…Loving, cheerful, always find ways to earned for a living….i will end it now because my eyes starts to cry….just want to say this…” Mother, what we are right now….its all because of you…you gave us strength to moved on in our lives….loving and responsible person…we love you and always missed you….”

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