Need a new washing machine with dryer

Our 30 years old washing machine does not look good.  It is asking for a replacement.  It is still working well except the dryer.  The dryer retired months ago.  But if you are to look at our washing machine you will feel bad and pity.  It broke once, but the technician fixed it well.  That is why it is still in service to us for three decades.  Lately, the drain part of the washing machine is not functioning.  The water drains even if I did not switch the drain.  The water will go directly to the dryer.  And the body of the washing machine has lots of rust. The washing machine is retiring.  If the machine could talk, it will probably say, enough!  But I talked to the washing machine to bare with for now.

I went to the supermarket last week and looking for a nice washing machine with dryer.  I need to buy the new one because the condition of the old one is not good.  I am afraid that it will explode anytime.  I am scared of the wiring especially that rust under the machine.  Anyways, I found a nice one at the supermarket  I went the other day, but will still looking for another brand soon and decide afterward.  I have to find the good quality product and budget-friendly.  I have to make sure that it will last longer just like our old washing machine.

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The Old Laptop is Fixed

I saw my old laptop while I am cleaning my closet two weeks ago.  I felt sad because it is not yet fixed.  Well, I decided not to bring it to the technician who fixed it twice because the problem is still there.  I brought my laptop to him thrice and every time I go to him, he always asked for payment.  Even if I told him that it is a back job for the problem is still there and it was like two days since he fixed it.  I am thinking that it is his intention to not fix it completely, so I will be coming back to him and collecting money from me.  It is to think that way, but that is how I think.  I am frustrated I must say.

I decided to buy the new laptop instead for I have spent enough money on my old laptop and still not fixed.  When I saw my old laptop in my closet, I felt sad.  I have been using the old laptop for four years and now it is in the closet.  I missed my old laptop so to speak.  Though I love my new laptop, it is hard to give up my old laptop for it is a fruit of my labor.  I asked a friend if she knows a technician who can fix my laptop and asked my sister.  Good thing the son of my sister’s colleague at school knows how to fix the laptop.  My sister brought the old laptop to him last week, and my laptop is now fixed.  I am the happiest I must say.  I started using the old laptop last Monday and it is like as good as new except the battery that needs to be replaced.  Hopefully, the old laptop will serve me for another four years.

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The phone stops working

When the father bought his first touchscreen phone, he is so happy and excited and downloaded games that he wants.  Yes, that is one of his purpose of buying an android phone, we want to download games, so he can play at home.  I must say, he is bored at home and he gets bored watching tv every day.  For a change, his phone will be going to entertain him.  Indeed, he downloaded lots of games.  And he is enjoying it.  Also, he has Facebook accounts, set up by his granddaughter, and he is having fun watching photos of his friends at church and co-workers before.

However, his happiness stops for awhile because his phone stops working suddenly.  We reboot it many times hoping that the phone just hanged up but still not showing any display.  We decided to bring it to the service center to help us fix the problem of the phone.  We were told that they think the phone has a virus and needs to reformat.  Why, I do not know why, and my father does not have the idea too why it has a virus.   They will just have sent text message when the phone is fixed.  Up to this day, we have not received any text message yet and the father lost patience. Hopefully, they will send the message this week before my father will go wild.haha!

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Wants to buy a tablet for the savings he made

The  9 year old nephew started saving January of last year.  Her mother bought him a piggy bank and told him to save so he could buy the toys that he wants once his piggy bank is full.  It has been 12 months and it is time to open his piggy bank.  He has been waiting for his mother to have time to help him open and count the money inside the piggy bank.  His mother promised to open the piggy bank this week, and he is patiently waiting till his mother have time and less tired from work.  And today is the day he has been waiting for.

After lunch today, he and his mother open the piggy bank.  The nephew is smiling seeing the money inside his piggy bank.  His waiting is paid off.  He helps her mom in counting the bills.  His savings is 2,300 pesos.  He smiled and told his mom that he wants to buy a tablet.  Well, he is big now, he does not want a toy anymore, he wants a gadget where he can put games, download educational videos, and the likes.  It is his money so he can decide what to buy.  Congratulations to my nephew for the success in saving money.  He will starts saving again for this year, and I wish him a bigger savings.

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Finally bought a new mouse

One of the shallow reason why I am too lazy to open my laptop and update my blogs is because I do not have mouse.  My old mouse just stopped working.  The timing is bad because I do not have extra to buy a new one.  I wanted to buy a mouse that is of good quality so it will last longer.  I have waited for like a month to finally bought a new mouse.  I have bought my new mouse a week ago, but use it just now.  I have the time today to update my blogs, check on my blogs and my emails.

Today is the first day of the year.  New year to enjoy and new year to get more blogging opportunitied. Praying for fruitful year in blogging world.  Anyways, I love my new mouse.  I like the color and the size is perfect, not big and not small to hold.  Hopefully, this mouse will last longer and will serve me long! Well, it really depends on how am I going to take care of it.  I will surely put it away from the reach of the kids. The old mouse was accidentally fell on the floor because the nephew grabs it while playing in my room.  I should be very careful and keep my things away from them especially my laptop.

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